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  1. Bev Dummitt

    Congratulations on the community Website! Finally, a way to communicate to Verdi Residents. My petition will be turned in to the River Belle Market tomorrow. My concerns re: the asphalt recycling facility is twofold: I am going on 80 and breathing fresh clean air is one of the things that brought me to Verdi. The crushing of asphalt may contaminate the air I breathe as well as the water of the adjoining Truckee River. My neighbor works on heavy equiptment and am told the noise is awful as well as the contamination of the enviornment. Thanks for your efforts! Will see you in June! Bev

    1. Anthony DoMoe Post author


      Thank you for taking the time to write. Your concerns are exactly what we anticipate our engineering firm will discuss with the community (and Commissioner Herman) that evening. Make sure that you let the commissioner know how you feel!

      Anthony DoMoe
      Keep Verdi Verdi


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