Letter from Verdi to Reno City Council Regarding LDC17-00061

The Developer:

Reno Land, Inc.

6001 Talbot Ln.

Reno, NV 89509


(775) 432-7110

Reno City Council:

(775) 334-4636


When contacting Reno about issues affecting Verdi please use

the contact information below. Address the email to the city

clerk, and cc any/all city council members. When

contacting them about this issue, please request in the

opening sentence that “This email be added to the

official record for LDC17-00061”


City Clerk: beaty-benadomb@reno.gov

Mayor Hillary Schieve: schieveh@reno.gov

Council Member David Bobzien: bobziend@reno.gov

Council Member Jenny Brekhus: brekhusj@reno.gov

Council Member Naomi Duerr: duerrn@reno.gov

Council Member Oscar Delgado: delgadoo@reno.gov

Council Member Paul Mckenzie: mckenziep@reno.gov

Council Member Neoma Jardon: jardonn@reno.gov


Dear City Council,


Case: LDC17-00061

Please add this email to the

official record for LDC17-00061

I come before you in opposition to the Meridian 120 South project and to encourage you to deny the appeal and, ultimately, to deny the entire Meridian 120 South development project altogether.   The project represents an exploitative, expansionary development that in conjunction with other large projects in the works threatens the safety, health, education, desires, and character of the Verdi community.

It should be with great pride that we all bear witness to the Verdi community who have come before you to document the potential issues of this project. From water usage, storm drainage, increased traffic, and nonexistent utilities to the lack of fire protection, destruction of wildlife corridors, and population growth, our community of ‘everyday people’ spanning all walks of life have highlighted and characterized legitimate concerns about the Meridian 120 South project.

Our constituents have accumulated a substantial amount of evidence that justifies not making any number of these findings. Ultimately however, it has become apparent to the Verdi community that the way things work in Reno is fundamentally disjointed from the residents of Verdi.

As we move forward in this process, I encourage you with great passion and understanding to realize the intentions that Verdi residents have for their community.  After all, we live here, you don’t!  It is this sort of passion that defines the soul of a city and is something the Council should be investing in 1000%.

Is this passion shared by the Meridian 120 South developer? One developments that was before this council was the West Meadows Estates.  The West Meadow Estates is now moving forward and gouging out a permanent scar across the Verdi landscape. That project was spearheaded by Rob Fitzgerald who upon receiving your approval promptly sold out to the DR Horton corporation, which now hauls off truckloads of Verdi in exchange for shareholder profits.  Is Mr. Fitzgerald part of your vision for our community? I suspect not.

There is more than enough evidence to stop this inadequate proposal in its tracks.  You have allowed two projects to move forward that is enough.  Thank you for your understanding of the community of Verdi.

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