Meridian 120 Update

Results from the January 13th City of Reno meeting are below:

M.1 – Meridian 120 North Development

Council heard an appeal in the case of Meridian 120 North and its request for a: 1) tentative map to develop a 273 lot single family residential subdivision; and 2) special use permits (SUPs) for: a) cluster development; and b) cuts of 20 feet or more and fills of 10 feet or more. Council unanimously approved to affirm Planning Commission’s approval (denying the appeal and approving the Tentative Map and SUPs) with modifications that include a disclosure to the future property owners that their water system (which is proposed to be private) may, at some future time, be annexed into a public utility which could result in cost changes; and a signage and striping plan that would improve traffic safety. The ±102.1 acre site is located along the north side of I-80, west of the terminus of Boomtown Garson Road and south of South Verdi Road.

Full details of the meeting can be downloaded here. NOTE: Topic M1 (Meridian 120 North Development) takes place at time stamp 5:59 in the video (following topic M2).  Also, time stamp 6:27 has some great comments from Commissioner Jardon regarding plans to update Verdi’s plan.

One thought on “Meridian 120 Update

  1. Gideon Caplovitz

    Thank you for the update. It is interesting to hear that N. Jardon is interested in ‘dusting off’ and updating the Verdi Area Plan. I personally think this is a great idea and would like to see community pressure on her or whoever gets elected next to follow through with this.


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