Verdi Community Council Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope this email finds you happy and healthy after this Holiday season!


As of our last update in December, the Meridian 120 North Development was to go before the City of Reno Planning Commission 12/3/15. This was in regards to a 273 unit ‘cluster’ housing development to the east of Boomtown. The commission did approve the development, however, some long standing Verdi residents as well as councilwoman Jenny Brekhus filed appeals to this decision. As many may be aware, there is a special hearing scheduled this coming Wednesday 1/13/16 at 6:00pm to discuss the concerns expressed (notice attached). From what we gather, water, is the main concern (as it should be). There are additional concerns, which we have expressed via email to our City Council, they include: water, school overcrowding and access to and from the development via the Garson overpass. We absolutely encourage you to email and/or attend this Council hearing also to express any concerns you may have in regards to this development as well as support those residents this negatively impacts.


Sierra County is visiting and considering additional fire protection for our area and have sent notices to Sierra County Residents that there will be a community meeting held 1/27/16 at the Verdi Elementary School. We will send an additional email prior to this date with more particulars as they become available to us (if you have the notification please share this information with us so we can inform others).


We received confirmation December 16th that the Washoe County Library Board approved a change in the Verdi Library operating hours starting January 4th. Wednesday operating hours will be changed (from 3pm-6pm) to 2:30-5:30pm. This aligns with the School’s 2:30pm dismissal time on Wednesday’s and should improve usage as well as assist in keeping it open and in operation. THANK YOU to everyone that put efforts towards this important resource!


Lastly, we continue efforts to follow up on information pertaining to the 39 Ventures Clean up, establishing communication with our Washoe County commission and researching what might be done in regards to Traffic Calming on Highway 40.


As always, thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community. Please feel free to contact us should you have comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. Should you prefer to NOT receive these updates in the future please just let us know.



Carly Borchard

Verdi Community Council

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