39 Ventures Site Cleanup Letter from City of Reno

The letter below was provided by City of Reno to provide clarification on the activity at the 39 Ventures site.  It includes an email address where you can ask specific questions.

Dear Resident,


You are receiving this email notice because you are a Verdi resident, or you’ve expressed interest in the past about keeping informed about the proposed 39 Ventures project. The City of Reno wanted to provide the following update to let residents in the area know that 39 Ventures is in the process of performing cleanup operations, which entails using a crusher and screener, on its Verdi property. More details about the cleanup and why it’s occurring are available below.


The presence of unconsolidated solid waste accumulations and petroleum impacted soils arising from fill materials have been identified on the property at 0 Quilici Ranch Road. The Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) has directed the owner to undertake rapid recovery and environmental remediation on the site as quickly as possible in accordance with an NDEP-approved remediation plan to clean up impacted materials.


The approved environmental cleanup Corrective Action Plan requires the owner to mechanically process and screen petroleum impacted soills and solid waste accumulations, segregate and remove hazardous materials, and stockpile or transfer segregated materials off site. Site cleanup and materials processing activities are being conducted on the property in accordance with the NDEP Corrective Action Plan for Facility ID D-000889 and NV Spill No. 151105-08; and applicable dust, air quality and stormwater permits. The majority of environmental cleanup activities are anticipated to be completed by late 2016.


Questions about the environmental cleanup can be directed to  quiliciranchremediationproject@hydrogeosci.com or the NDEP. The City of Reno has no authority over the clean up project; however, the City is requesting that 39 Ventures follow the hours of operation that would normally apply to a temporary stockpiling permit (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.).


Thank you,


City of Reno staff



Reno Direct



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