Verdi Community Update

In follow up to the October 6th update: the City of Reno Planning Commission was presented with the Verdi Commercial Park/Boomtown Industrial project. There were a handful of Verdi Residents in attendance to express their concerns as well a numerous emails that did not go unnoticed. A link to the meeting is as follows and starts at 1:27:35:


The planning commission takes their role very factually. The two items triggering this SUP (special use permit) were the residential zoning immediately west of the site (owned by the applicant) and the necessary grades/fills required. The area is zoned industrial, with 24/7 use. Fortunately, from past experience with the Verdi Community it was important to the Commissioners to take resident(s) comments/concerns into consideration. Seeing as they are not the same commission that originally annexed and/or zoned this property so long ago there was a lot of discussion and questions amongst City Staff and “experts” present. A couple additional conditions were stipulated due to residents concerns, but the project did pass unanimously. In speaking with the developers team after the meeting they assured they do not ‘anticipate’ build-out being this large but we will hope to keep informed on what does eventually get brought forward.


Additionally as mentioned in our last update, since the West Meadows development is moving forward we have coordinated with the Developer to make a presentation to the community at large. The meeting will be held Thursday November 5th at the Verdi Elementary School at 6:30pm by the developer, Robert Fitzgerald. We hope to see everyone there to understand what is being presented. We strongly advised the developer and his team to send a mailer so they can reach ALL Verdi residents, so you will be seeing a postcard invitation to this meeting as well.


This project will then be presented to the City of Reno Ward 5 NAB (neighborhood advisory board) on Tuesday November 10th, then move on to the City of Reno Council for approval.


As always, thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions.




Carly Borchard

Verdi Community Council

775-345-1813 (message)

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