Verdi Community Update October 6, 2015

This Thursday (October 8th at 6:00pm) is the City of Reno Planning Commission meeting, in which the Verdi Commercial Park/Boomtown Industrial site will be presented (this is the 855,000 square foot industrial building between Cabela’s and River Oak Subdivision). The Staff report discussing this project can be found via this link: We have been made aware a number of residents strongly oppose this project. It is really important for those individuals to either attend this meeting and/or provide feedback to the City Planning Dept. The lead planner is Vern Kloos, you can email him at The case number is LDC15-00069 and appears to be item 8.2 on the City agenda After reviewing and discussing this project at length, we submitted a letter in effort of providing residents’ feedback to the Planning Commission for their consideration.


For those that do not already know, this coming Sunday is the Verdi Elementary School’s annual pumpkin patch/fall festival! Super fun event should you like to attend. The Verdi Community Council will be in attendance with a booth in effort of introducing ourselves to more community members and hoping to get more residents receiving updates on important topics.


Lastly, we are working to organize a community meeting later in the month to discuss the West Meadows Development. The developer and his rep would like to opportunity to present how this project is moving forward. Last year a lot of effort was put into being sure this development is not only done responsibly, but FITS into the area. As a brief recap, this property of 200 acres to the North of River Oaks was annexed by the City of Reno in 1999 so the issue was “what is the proper zoning?”. The County zoning had expired so the developer requested City zoning of SF5, which would have allowed for 500 homes and 10 acres of commercial. Many Verdi residents attended the Planning and Council meetings to strongly oppose this modification to the master plan. Our Ward representative, Neoma Jardon got involved to try and resolve what would be appropriate for the area. In review of the allowed City zoning and what was acceptable for the area, the developer agreed to drop the zoning to SF3 (allowing approx. 324 homes and 4 acres of commercial). At that time a survey was collected from engaged residents to see what additional stipulations were necessary. The developer was amenable to all requests within his power… Implementing a “pocket park” (which has since been increased in size) to be built and maintained by the developer, expanded access to open land, wildlife and emergency access easements, deceleration lanes, and much more. In a recent meeting with the developer it was requested to implement an eastbound turn pocket on Highway 40, in which again the developer agreed to. They will be submitting their application to present a tentative map next week so it is important our community is made aware and informed. Attached is a more in depth overview of last years proceedings should you be interested (quite a bit can be Googled as well).


As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, comments or concerns!

West Meadows Summary.pdf

West Meadows Planned Unit Development (PUD) Handbook

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