Planning Commission Meeting

Planning Commission Meeting

 Date: 10/08/2015 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Location: Reno City Hall-Council Chambers
One East First Street
Reno, Nevada

This City of Reno Planning Commission Meeting will discuss the Verdi Commercial Park.  Show up and speak!  This project will change Verdi forever.  It is important that you understand what is happening and speak your opinion to the planning commission.

If you are unfamiliar with this issue…  The land across the street from Boomtown (which has occasionally been used as a dumping ground for old appliances and burnt cars) is being developed into a warehouse with a high volume of truck traffic.  It will operate 24 hours.  Some concerns about this project include noise from truck deliveries, light pollution (from the parking lot lights), light sweeps as the trucks turn corners, and the presence of a “big box”-type building marring our landscape.

You can see the planned development here.



3 thoughts on “Planning Commission Meeting

  1. Carol Swift

    This project will have an extremely adverse impact especially for residents of River Oaks. Concerns are noise from trucks: backup beepers, j-brakes, and idling of truck engines at loading docks or in parking lot. A large number of truck parking spaces are designated for the north portion of the lot which is adjacent to So. Verdi Road and overlooks River Oaks. 100 trucks per day would use the proposed distribution center, which would be open 24 hours per day. The facility would also dominate the view of the Mt. Rose Wilderness as seen from River Oaks, obscuring much or all of the mountain view. Additionally, the incredible mountain view of the Crystal Peak area would be lost at the site which would be taken up by an industrial/commercial facility. Potentially hazardous truck traffic would impact the Boomtown/Garson Road off and on-ramps to the freeway posing a dangerous threat to motorists and bicyclists. Most importantly is the extremely dangerous ingress to the facility. 100 trucks per day would enter the facility from Cabela Drive on a driveway located a mere 100-120 feet from the edge of the cliff overhanging the railroad tracks. (This is at the intersection of Cabela Drive and So. Verdi Road.) The hazard would increase with icy winter weather. One car went over the edge in this location within the past ten years.


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