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Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Just a couple quick updates:


Many thanks to those who have visited the Verdi Community Library, took time to write letters and put efforts towards retaining our valuable resource. After attending the Washoe County Commission hearing yesterday we have been informed the matter has been taken off the Library Boards Agenda, meaning we will keep our current Library hours. Since the matter has come up we are looking to see what the community might be able to do to keep it from being re-addressed and/or possibly increasing the set hours. The agenda for the Library board should be available this Friday, so it will be verified that no changes will transpire.


As mentioned a couple times in the past, the developers of the “Verdi Commercial Park” (Reno Land Development Company) have offered and would like to hold a community meeting this coming Monday, September 14th at 6:30pm to present their plans on the 855,000 square foot building proposed across from Cabela’s. The meeting will be held in Boomtown’s conference rooms. This should not be a long meeting, just a presentation with the option for questions and concerns to be addressed. We encourage anyone that can make it to attend. (Please respond letting us know if you do plan to attend so we can relay how many residents to expect).


In receiving community responses, relaying and speaking with the developers representatives the points that will be discussed are:


Lighting: They will have to adhere to the Mortensen-Garson specifications sensitive to dark sky nights (we asked that they really explain this to us as to understand what’s to be expected). We also expressed concern on Truck lights “sweeping” over town as they turn in and about the project, suggesting extra landscaping/trees to prevent disruption…


Noise: They just received the sound study late last week so we will anticipate those results being shared.


Traffic: concern was expressed on the location of the main entrance being set on the corner of South Verdi Road and Cabela Drive. They have explained it is a natural downgrade, allowing trucks to slow and ease into the development safely.


Overpass: it has been mentioned it is outdated and in need of upgrade/modification. We  understand it is not their property, however, strongly feel it needs to be addressed within the process as the majority of traffic generated from this project’s site would use it to travel Eastbound.


Lastly, we mentioned the appearance possibly not fitting in with the surroundings. Both Boomtown and Cabela’s are HUGE establishments, yet they keep with a “western” feel, if you will. We requested they re-address the big box look with their team and anticipate their response on this as well.


There is not a set tenant for the location as of yet, so it is unclear what kind of operation will commence, however, they are anticipating a distribution company. This is just a rough drawing of their conceptual plan and they may even find it necessary to break it into two separate buildings, but they want to be proactive in informing Verdi residents and hope for the opportunity to address our concerns BEFORE going to the City of Reno planning commission.


Please feel free to share your thoughts as well! As always should you prefer not to be involved or receive these emails just let us know! Thank you so much for your time and look forward to seeing you all soon.




Carly Borchard

Verdi Community Council

One thought on “Verdi Community Council Update

  1. Lynne Burke

    My family has personally met with the owners of Reno Land Development. Nothing but nice people and they are not here looking for controversy. I will tell you however from after meeting with them what I learned. They see land flippers. They purchased the property, and once they find someone to buy the property for the warehouse, the SF housing, etc., their hands will be washed of it and it will be then in the hands of the “new owner” to comply with the standards which is who the community should really care to talk to. That’s my two cents for what it’s worth. Again, nothing against RLD; they were very courteous, answered our questions but again just looking to flip the property and move on.


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