Help Needed to Save the Verdi Library



Our library is a shared resource between Verdi Elementary School and the Washoe County Library System. Washoe County is seeking to reduce public hours for (and close prior to 2025) the Verdi library. A substantial portion of Verdi Library materials are owned by the county. Loss of these would result in:

  • Loss of library resources for Verdi Elementary Students
  • Loss of library resources for Verdi community members


During the next two weeks (and beyond if you are able):

  1. Write a letter to the “Washoe County Board of Trustees”

Tell the board members exactly why the library is important to you, and what negative effects would occur if its services were reduced/eliminated

  1. Bring the letter to the Verdi Library

Library Hours:

Wednesday: 3pm-7pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

  1. Ask the librarian to put the letter on Heather Cook’s desk (Heather is the school’s librarian)
  1. Finally, use the library while you are there! Check out a book/movie/etc.

The Verdi Library is a joint venture between Verdi Elementary and Washoe County Library. While the building is owned by Verdi Elementary, the majority of IT infrastructure is owned by Washoe County Library. Additionally, the majority of books/movies are owned by Washoe County Library.

If Washoe County Library removes funding for the Verdi Elementary, the school will have to replace lost IT infrastructure as well as the overwhelming majority of books/movies. This will have a tremendous impact on our community, especially the seniors and students who make up the bulk of Verdi Library users.

Currently the Washoe County Library Board is considering reducing operating hours for the Verdi Library (it is operated on Wednesdays and Saturdays by a Washoe County Library Employee). However, the board recently published its Facility Master Plan and Verdi Library is not on the list of facilities for 2025.

The board has determined that their presence in Verdi can be replaced with a book locker that is accessible by the public (so that Verdi residents can pick up books requested from other libraries in the system). However, this solution does not address the potential loss of materials and loss of access flexibility needed by Verdi Elementary School faculty. While the board’s plan makes financial sense from the county’s perspective, it does not take into account the loss of services for the Verdi community and the detrimental affect of lost access to library materials for our students and other community members. The school will have to replace materials and infrastructure with money that it simply doesn’t have.

Verdi Community Council is collecting data from the county to determine the best way to reach a mutually beneficial solution. In the meantime, the best option to help save our library is to write the council and let them know just how important the Verdi Library is to residents. The letters can be hand-delivered to the Verdi Library and given to Verdi Elementary librarian Heather Cook (if she isn’t there, you can ask the county librarian on duty to put the letter on her desk). While you are in the library you can also check out a book (which will provide actual proof of usage). If the library is important to you don’t just do this once, keep doing it! Invite friends as well! Heather has volunteered to collect the letters so that they can be presented directly to the county.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available. If you have questions about how you can help save the library, please contact Anthony DoMoe (619)757-0836 (or leave a comment at the end of this post).

For background information:

Washoe County Library System Website

Washoe County Library System Master Plan

FAQ about the potential library closure



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