Reno Community Council Meeting Results

The Reno Community Council meeting held on July 29th has concluded, with the council denying the 39 Ventures special use permit to conduct screening/crushing operations at their site in Verdi.  It is likely that the site ownership will move forward with an application for an alternative use, such as landscape material yard, lumber yard, or similar (all of which would likely be approved due to the land’s “community/commercial” zoning).

This effort’s success was an entire community effort, with a total of 60 speakers at the meeting and input from over 400 (Reno and Verdi combined) community members, with 155 supporting 39 Ventures operations and 257 opposing.  It appeared that the support was split with Reno residents generally in favor of the operation and Verdi residents opposed.

*(updated since original post – The final paragraph was improperly worded.  Thanks to Addie for bringing the error to my attention so that it could be fixed! -Anthony)

6 thoughts on “Reno Community Council Meeting Results

  1. Sherry McNeilly

    Thank you for all your hard work against 39 Ventures project. I appreciate it very much as I love Verdi and don’t want to see something like that ruin Paradise for myself and many like me.
    Thanks again.

    Sherry Mc

  2. addie

    The “over 400 (Reno and Verdi combined) community members in attendance, with 155 supporting 39 Ventures operations and 257 opposing”

    These were emails received prior to the Council meeting – these were not people in attendance at the meeting.

    May wish to correct the above.


  3. Carol Swift

    Kudos and most sincere appreciation and gratitude to, Verdi Community Council, and all from Verdi and Reno who came out in support of saving Verdi! Our combined efforts have resulted in an amazing victory! Thanks for helping to preserve our scenic and peaceful small town from industrial development!

  4. JoAnne Regan

    Way to go to bat for Verdi!! I thank you for your efforts, dedication and support via email updates. You should feel very proud of this achievement.


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