“Stop the Crusher” information table in downtown Verdi!

Verdi Community Council is providing information to Verdi residents about this week’s Reno City Council meeting and HOW TO SAVE VERDI’S RESIDENTIAL AREAS FROM BECOMING AN INDUSTRIAL ZONE.  Stop by and visit (and bring your neighbors).

Don’t forget to participate in the July 29th (at 6pm) Reno City Council meeting that will determine Verdi’s future!!! (see item M in the linked page)

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2 thoughts on ““Stop the Crusher” information table in downtown Verdi!

  1. David A. Dixon

    We are strongly opposed to the construction of a rock crushing and screening facility in Verdi. We believe this will be detrimental to the environmental conditions in this portion of Reno. Moreover, such a project should never be authorized to operate 24 hours per day and 7 days per week out of due consideration to the neighboring residential community.


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