Verdi Community Council Update

Hi there,
Hope this email finds you well! Our weekly email updates have apparently defaulted to monthly, our apologies as time is a bit limited. Just wanted to send a quick message to keep everyone up to date.

A number of meetings have and continue to transpire in efforts of obtaining information on the 39 Ventures Rock Crushing Facility. We have met with the applicant Ryan Kautz, who is honestly a very nice guy (as most already know) and for the most part is forthcoming in providing information requested. The fact remains that the community is opposed to this type of operation within our area. We were able to organize a site visit for the engineering firm we hired, McGinnis and Associates, and Ryan Kautz about a week ago. We will be sitting down to review and discuss their findings this next week and will be sure to share this information with you. There has been activity on the site such as electric being installed/activated and a fence being erected is currently in the works. From what we gather the applicant has all intentions of working from this site, regardless if the SUP (special use permit) allowing rock crushing is granted by the City of Reno. We are in communication with Code enforcement and our City Representative to verify exactly what is currently allowed to be done on site.
No new developments have transpired regarding The West Meadows Estates Development. As informed, the PUD was formally approved several months ago. We have been informed that the developer, Robert Fitzgerald, is moving forward with a tentative map. This will have to be presented to the City at some point, so we will have to continue to wait on when that is officially scheduled.
Please see the following link to additional projects being proposed in or around our area. This blog seems to be rather informative on our area and the upcoming plans.
We are VERY excited to announce that we have officially established a non-profit corporation to continue our efforts in keeping our community up to date and informed. The Verdi Community Council, Inc. is finally able to accept donations to keep these efforts funded! We are in the process of applying for tax exempt status, however, this can take another couple months to obtain. Should you wish to contribute to our cause please feel free to send donations to The Verdi Community Council Inc. at 201 W. Liberty Street, Suite 200, Reno, NV 89501 or, if easier, mail to PO Box 281, Verdi, NV 89439. No donation is too small and we can certainly use your support!
Several Verdi residents applied for a position on the upcoming Neighborhood Advisory Board for Ward 5 (you may have seen the commercials) we have been assured that even though we are “County” they would like Verdi’s involvement in these efforts. We will find out May 13th who may be able to sit on this board and further assist our community efforts.
Lastly, a clean up of Crystal Peak Park was organized between Washoe County and Cabela’s April 14. It is unfortunate that sufficient notice and planning was not done so it did not get a great turnout, however, we hope to be of assistance with that going forward. We would like to invite and encourage everyone to get involved in our community, here is a link should you be interested:
As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, concerns or information you would like to share. Thank you and have a fantastic day!
The Verdi Community Council Inc.

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