Reno City Council Meeting for LDC15-00016 (39 Ventures Materials Processing Facility)

WHAT: Reno City Council is hearing Verdi residents’ opinions on the 39 Ventures materials processing facility (the “rock crusher/screening machine”)


WHEN: July 29th (time TBD; 6pm has been requested but won’t be verified until approximately July 19th)

WHERE: Reno City Council Chamber, One East First Street, Reno, NV 89501

WHY: To hear Verdi residents’ (and 39 Ventures’s) opinions on this project, and (hopefully) vote to approve or deny the application.


1) SHOW UP!  If you don’t show up, the city council thinks you don’t care.

2) Be prepared to speak for up to 3 minutes to the city council to describe exactly why you feel the 39 Ventures project should or should not be allowed to proceed (use facts – not simply “I don’t like it” or “it hurts property values”…  a better point would be specific, quantifiable impacts on local traffic/wildlife/cyclists/pedestrians/etc.)

3) Need help?  Contact Gene Gardella at genegardella(at) for help formulate your presentation.

Further Info on the meeting:



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