Important survey for all Verdi residents (and Verdi-area Reno residents)

The survey at this link is designed to measure Verdi-area residents’ feelings regarding the aggregate processing plant (39 Ventures project) in Verdi.  The results of this survey will be discussed with the Reno City Council,  so please share this survey with everyone in the Verdi area who has a stake in the outcome of this issue.  Everyone with an opinion on this matter should complete the survey, including multiple people within the same household.  Just like our petitions, in order to ensure validity of survey results please only complete the survey once per person.  If the link above doesn’t work, here is the direct link:


One thought on “Important survey for all Verdi residents (and Verdi-area Reno residents)

  1. Greg and Kathe Potnick

    Took survey. We still feel the crusher is wrong, but the property must be remediated. These contaminants will eventually get into our watersheds/wetlands, Truckee River, canals, and aquifiers. Greg and Kathe Potnick


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