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2016 Easter Egg Hunt at Verdi Library

The Verdi Fire Department hosted the 2016 Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the nature trail adjacent to Verdi Library on Saturday, March 26th.  Turnout was great, and Smokey Bear was in attendance.  The hunt started at noon, and participants spent their time enjoying the Verdi Library while awaiting the event’s kickoff.

2016 Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Verdi Fire Department

2016 Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Verdi Fire Department

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants visit the Verdi Library

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants visit the Verdi Library

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants searching for eggs.

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants searching for eggs.

New Library Director Jeff Scott at Verdi Library Wednesday, January 27th

Come meet Washoe County Library System’s new director, Jeff Scott, at Verdi Elementary Library!  Mr. Scott is coming by Verdi’s library tomorrow at 2:30 to get a first-hand look at the facility.  This is your chance to welcome him and let him know how much the county’s involvement in our library means to us!

He won’t be there long, so get to the Verdi library right at 2:30 to say hello!


Verdi Library Changes Hours

Verdi Library’s hours are changing.  Starting January 4, 2016, the library’s Wednesday hours will shift 30 minutes earlier.  Current hours are 3pm to 7pm; new hours will be 2:30pm to 6:30pm.  Saturday hours will remain unchanged.

The Washoe Community Library Board voted to approve the change in hours in order to encourage greater usage.  Verdi Elementary releases students at 2:30pm on Wednesdays; aligning the library’s hours with the school’s hours will (hopefully) result in increased usage.

Parents of Verdi Elementary students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the new hours to visit the library on Wednesdays.  Sustained increased usage is the only way we will be able to keep our community library open!

Verdi Library Background (RGJ Story)

Reno Gazette Journal recently published the following story about the Verdi Library (originally avialable here):

Plans to close two public libraries because of budget cuts could actually cost Washoe County agencies up to $450,000 for breaking grant contracts requiring the libraries stay open many more years.

The question is: Will the county be held to its promises for Duncan/Traner and Verdi libraries? Continue reading

Help Needed to Save the Verdi Library



Our library is a shared resource between Verdi Elementary School and the Washoe County Library System. Washoe County is seeking to reduce public hours for (and close prior to 2025) the Verdi library. A substantial portion of Verdi Library materials are owned by the county. Loss of these would result in:

  • Loss of library resources for Verdi Elementary Students
  • Loss of library resources for Verdi community members


During the next two weeks (and beyond if you are able):

  1. Write a letter to the “Washoe County Board of Trustees”

Tell the board members exactly why the library is important to you, and what negative effects would occur if its services were reduced/eliminated

  1. Bring the letter to the Verdi Library

Library Hours:

Wednesday: 3pm-7pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

  1. Ask the librarian to put the letter on Heather Cook’s desk (Heather is the school’s librarian)
  1. Finally, use the library while you are there! Check out a book/movie/etc.

Continue reading