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1800 S. Verdi Road “LogistiCenter” Plan

Many of you will remember the warehouse planned for across the street from Cabela’s, and the concerns about traffic.  It looks like there have been some changes in the proposed warehouse’s design.  From our friends at REreno:

The Frankenwarehouse proposed next to Cabela’s has been redesigned into a slightly smaller 4 Building Complex.  The loading docks have been relocated into a central aisle, which will make 24 hour operations less offensive.  Breaking up the buildings will slightly mitigate the “White Cliffs of Verdi” appearance from Old US 40 and the River Oaks subdivision.

This link will take you to the current plan: 1800 S Verdi Rd Warehouse

Verdi Commercial Park Meeting Update

The October 8th meeting (see our calendar for details) is vitally important for Verdi residents to attend, especially River Oaks residents.  Please get the word out to those you know in River Oaks to attend! 

This development affects the sight lines from River Oaks (looking towards Cabela’s), and it also imposes changes to existing light and noise levels.  There is also concern about the existing road’s ability to handle increased traffic/truck traffic.

For those unable to attend in person, they can email their comments the Reno City Planning Commission via Vern Kloos, City Planner [kloosv(at)] (emails must be received by Vern no later than Wednesday, October 7th).

Planning Commission Meeting

Planning Commission Meeting

 Date: 10/08/2015 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Location: Reno City Hall-Council Chambers
One East First Street
Reno, Nevada

This City of Reno Planning Commission Meeting will discuss the Verdi Commercial Park.  Show up and speak!  This project will change Verdi forever.  It is important that you understand what is happening and speak your opinion to the planning commission.

If you are unfamiliar with this issue…  The land across the street from Boomtown (which has occasionally been used as a dumping ground for old appliances and burnt cars) is being developed into a warehouse with a high volume of truck traffic.  It will operate 24 hours.  Some concerns about this project include noise from truck deliveries, light pollution (from the parking lot lights), light sweeps as the trucks turn corners, and the presence of a “big box”-type building marring our landscape.

You can see the planned development here.