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New Billboard Hearing Date Set

What: Washoe County Commission meeting
Where: Washoe County Complex, 1001 E. Ninth St., Reno
When: 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 22

New Date For Billboard Hearing

The county rescheduled the date again for a public hearing to review the controversial draft sign code that includes regulations to allow digital billboards.

Originally, Washoe County Commissioners were set to review a first reading of the draft code August 25 at a 6 p.m. public hearing. The hearing was unexpectedly cancelled that morning and reset for September 8.  But the item wasn’t included on next week’s agenda because Commissioner Bob Lucey cannot attend, meaning no billboard hearing this Tuesday, after all.

Commission Chair Marsha Berkbigler confirmed today that the hearing was reset for September 22 at 6 p.m.  Given the previous delays, check for changes to the commission’s agenda on the county website or Scenic Nevada’s Facebook page and watch for our emails. You can also email us at

To learn more about the issues, read our presentation “Top Five Myths of the Draft Sign Code”.  And come to the meeting September 22 to let commissioners know how you feel about adding billboards to Washoe County’s scenic vistas for the first time in 13 years.  If you haven’t had a chance, please sign our petition now opposing new billboards.

Commissioner Vaughn Hartung introduced the idea to allow big digital signs in the county in August 2014, when the draft sign code was being developed. Both Commission Chair Marsha Berkbigler and Commissioner Kitty Jung are opposed to the controversial changes in billboard policy.

So far we’ve received 346 petition signatures opposing the draft code.  The county also posted an on-going online forum where residents have been commenting. So far most of those posts have been negative concerning signs, billboards and the draft code. To visit the county’s site go to Comments are provided directly to County Commissioners.

Lighted Billboards in Verdi!

Billboards may soon appear along the freeway right here in Verdi!  For the past 13 years billboards have been banned from unincorporated land.  Now two Commissioners, Herman and Hartung are supporting a change in the billboard ban.  Such a change will allow electronic billboards and large lighted billboards to start appearing once again. Please support Scenic Nevada by calling, emailing or writing to the County Commissioners and the Senior Planner listed below.  If you cannot contact each of the Commissioners them please write Commissioner Bob Lucey who appears to be the swing vote on this matter.

The Director of Scenic Nevada has written a very good OpEd piece in the RGJ.  Go here to read this overview.

For a very impressive PowerPoint on the draft code please click here.

To contact the County Commissioners, call 775.328.2005 or email them at:
Bob Lucey

Martha Berkbigler

Jeanne Hermam

Kitty Jung (No email address posted)

Vaughn Hartung

Trevor Lloyd (775) 328-3620  is the County Planner handling this matter.  Please include his email or  correspondence .

The County Draft Ordinance can be seen at:,%20DRAFT%20Sign%20Code%204-29-15.pdf or click here.

This is on the matter of a Draft Washoe County Sign Code being proposed to the Commissioners on September 8.

I have attached the PowerPoint by Scenic Nevada, the material for our Community Update and the Draft Sign Code.