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1800 S. Verdi Road “LogistiCenter” Plan

Many of you will remember the warehouse planned for across the street from Cabela’s, and the concerns about traffic.  It looks like there have been some changes in the proposed warehouse’s design.  From our friends at REreno:

The Frankenwarehouse proposed next to Cabela’s has been redesigned into a slightly smaller 4 Building Complex.  The loading docks have been relocated into a central aisle, which will make 24 hour operations less offensive.  Breaking up the buildings will slightly mitigate the “White Cliffs of Verdi” appearance from Old US 40 and the River Oaks subdivision.

This link will take you to the current plan: 1800 S Verdi Rd Warehouse

2016 Easter Egg Hunt at Verdi Library

The Verdi Fire Department hosted the 2016 Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the nature trail adjacent to Verdi Library on Saturday, March 26th.  Turnout was great, and Smokey Bear was in attendance.  The hunt started at noon, and participants spent their time enjoying the Verdi Library while awaiting the event’s kickoff.

2016 Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Verdi Fire Department

2016 Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Verdi Fire Department

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants visit the Verdi Library

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants visit the Verdi Library

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants searching for eggs.

2016 Easter Egg Hunt participants searching for eggs.

Crystal Peak Park Cleanup – April 23rd

Join us at 10 AM on April 23rd at Washoe County’s Crystal Peak Park for a Cache In/Weed Out event. You will learn how to recognize and kill several types of Invasive Weed Species. This event will be co-sponsored by Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space. They will provide us with a Ranger (our own Geocaching Ranger Nick), instructions, and some basic tools. You should bring some tools yourself if they are available to you. Consider bringing: a hat, sunscreen, water, gloves, shovels, clippers, and rakes. The county will be providing disposal bags for the weeds. We will have a “We’ll bring the hot dogs and you bring something too.” potluck after the CIWO ends at about 12 PM. Kids and pets (bring a leash) are welcome.

RSVP: Nick Steuer, nsteuer(at)

Verdi to be Discussed at Reno City Council Meeting

Councilmember Neoma Jardon is sponsoring “Discussion and potential direction to the City Manager to utilize two or more hours of staff time to organize a Verdi community meeting to present information regarding the sphere of influence, entitlements, annexations, water resources, and traffic impacts” during the February 10th Reno City Council meeting (starting at 10am).

New Library Director Jeff Scott at Verdi Library Wednesday, January 27th

Come meet Washoe County Library System’s new director, Jeff Scott, at Verdi Elementary Library!  Mr. Scott is coming by Verdi’s library tomorrow at 2:30 to get a first-hand look at the facility.  This is your chance to welcome him and let him know how much the county’s involvement in our library means to us!

He won’t be there long, so get to the Verdi library right at 2:30 to say hello!


Letter to RGJ Regarding Verdi Development and Lack of Water

The following letter was featured in the January 24th issue of Reno Journal Gazette.  Thanks to Adrian Argyris of Verdi for getting the word out!

The city of Reno has approved development on annexed Verdi land where assurance had been provided that water service would be through TMWA.

The city tossed out this guarantee with the approval of Meridian 120 North’s development, where water to the 273 homes will be provided by a privately owned and operated water system that will pump the underground aquifer and store it in 1-million-plus-gallon water tanks.

The Truckee River Basin is one of 45 basins in Nevada that are over appropriated — meaning there are more water rights on paper than there is water in the ground.

The aquifer is going down. The conveyance is used up. Groundwater does not stay in one place. It flows down and out.

A well drilled to 100 feet will be sucked dry by a well drilled to 1,000 feet.

It’s hydrology 101. It is not a question of “if” but “when” the domestic wells in the area are sucked dry.

Adrian Argyris, Verdi

Meridian 120 Update

Results from the January 13th City of Reno meeting are below:

M.1 – Meridian 120 North Development

Council heard an appeal in the case of Meridian 120 North and its request for a: 1) tentative map to develop a 273 lot single family residential subdivision; and 2) special use permits (SUPs) for: a) cluster development; and b) cuts of 20 feet or more and fills of 10 feet or more. Council unanimously approved to affirm Planning Commission’s approval (denying the appeal and approving the Tentative Map and SUPs) with modifications that include a disclosure to the future property owners that their water system (which is proposed to be private) may, at some future time, be annexed into a public utility which could result in cost changes; and a signage and striping plan that would improve traffic safety. The ±102.1 acre site is located along the north side of I-80, west of the terminus of Boomtown Garson Road and south of South Verdi Road.

Full details of the meeting can be downloaded here. NOTE: Topic M1 (Meridian 120 North Development) takes place at time stamp 5:59 in the video (following topic M2).  Also, time stamp 6:27 has some great comments from Commissioner Jardon regarding plans to update Verdi’s plan.

Verdi Community Council Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope this email finds you happy and healthy after this Holiday season!


As of our last update in December, the Meridian 120 North Development was to go before the City of Reno Planning Commission 12/3/15. This was in regards to a 273 unit ‘cluster’ housing development to the east of Boomtown. The commission did approve the development, however, some long standing Verdi residents as well as councilwoman Jenny Brekhus filed appeals to this decision. As many may be aware, there is a special hearing scheduled this coming Wednesday 1/13/16 at 6:00pm to discuss the concerns expressed (notice attached). From what we gather, water, is the main concern (as it should be). There are additional concerns, which we have expressed via email to our City Council, they include: water, school overcrowding and access to and from the development via the Garson overpass. We absolutely encourage you to email and/or attend this Council hearing also to express any concerns you may have in regards to this development as well as support those residents this negatively impacts.


Sierra County is visiting and considering additional fire protection for our area and have sent notices to Sierra County Residents that there will be a community meeting held 1/27/16 at the Verdi Elementary School. We will send an additional email prior to this date with more particulars as they become available to us (if you have the notification please share this information with us so we can inform others).


We received confirmation December 16th that the Washoe County Library Board approved a change in the Verdi Library operating hours starting January 4th. Wednesday operating hours will be changed (from 3pm-6pm) to 2:30-5:30pm. This aligns with the School’s 2:30pm dismissal time on Wednesday’s and should improve usage as well as assist in keeping it open and in operation. THANK YOU to everyone that put efforts towards this important resource!


Lastly, we continue efforts to follow up on information pertaining to the 39 Ventures Clean up, establishing communication with our Washoe County commission and researching what might be done in regards to Traffic Calming on Highway 40.


As always, thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community. Please feel free to contact us should you have comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. Should you prefer to NOT receive these updates in the future please just let us know.



Carly Borchard

Verdi Community Council

Verdi Library Changes Hours

Verdi Library’s hours are changing.  Starting January 4, 2016, the library’s Wednesday hours will shift 30 minutes earlier.  Current hours are 3pm to 7pm; new hours will be 2:30pm to 6:30pm.  Saturday hours will remain unchanged.

The Washoe Community Library Board voted to approve the change in hours in order to encourage greater usage.  Verdi Elementary releases students at 2:30pm on Wednesdays; aligning the library’s hours with the school’s hours will (hopefully) result in increased usage.

Parents of Verdi Elementary students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the new hours to visit the library on Wednesdays.  Sustained increased usage is the only way we will be able to keep our community library open!